First Edition Launch !

My experience of the past twenty years spent travelling the world and giving concerts, has given me the desire to create a festival that I have always dreamt about: a festival where the guitar interacts with all instruments and influences. It seemed natural to me to set up this focal point for encounters and creative talent in the heart of the Alps, the beautiful region that was witness to my awakening to the world of music. I wanted to make it echo to the magical and rich sound of the guitar, the instrument which, in one form or another, lives in the heart of every individual.

In this first edition, Spain will hold the place of honour with a special tribute rendered to Joaquin Rodrigo, composer of the renowned Concerto d’Aranjuez, who died just twenty years ago. The greatest artists present on the international stage and tomorrow’s talents will share their music, offering us intense emotional moments.

Thanks to the support and work of wonderful voluntary workers, sponsors, fellow musicians, teachers and those who generously donate their time all year round, the dream has finally become reality. My heartfelt thanks to all of them, without exception.