About the festival

« Guitare en Alpes » was created in Savoie at the initiative of Jérémy Jouve « new guitar ambassador around the world » (FIP radio). Cécilia Rodrigo, daughter of the famous composer Joaquín Rodrigo is the patron !

« Guitare en Alpes » is conceived around a season of artistic and cultural actions combining an international festival, creation residences, master classes, springboard scenes, socio-cultural actions and exchange workshops.

As an innovative festival« Guitare en Alpes » presents worldwide known artists and involves local and regional actors through the prism of creation. Composers and performers promote the development of the repertoire and are in the spotlight, whether they are young talents or experienced artists.

The main objectives are to:

  • stimulate the development and improvement of the guitar repertoire,
  • promote the dissemination of the works that are consulted, at the local, national and international levels,
  • initiate a social and cultural dynamic in the heart of the Alps to promote cohesion and the influence of the territorial area,
  • involve amateurs, pre-professionals and young talents in this creative process.